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Living Statement of Affirmation of LGBTQ2SIA+ Persons

This statement was adopted by Our Saviour's Lutheran Membership on January 31, 2021

At Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, we are an ELCIC congregation of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, ethnicities, ages, beliefs, histories and experiences. We live in God's unconditional love and grace, and believe this gift is for all.

We believe we are all called to fully live out God's purpose as we have been created. Through our experience of God's love we are called to learn and grow, creating a spiritual home in our community for LGBTQ2SIA+ people and families to be who we are.

We welcome people wherever they are on their spiritual journey. We seek an expansive understanding of a loving God. Through curiosity, critical thinking and contemplative practices, God opens us to infinite possibilities for dynamic connection, growth, and wholeness in Christ.

This is a living covenant that will continue to evolve as our understanding grows.

Our Fruity Families

A corner of comfort, companionship, and joy here in Prince George for queer individuals of all ages. Fruit Combo and FruiTEA are two queer support groups that create space for equality, while making bonds with others in our community. All are welcome in our queer groups, including allies! Come by or contact our LGBTQ+ worker at


Fruit Combo

Fruit Combo is a fun, community setting for those aged 14-20 for some creative and age appropriate fun. each session has a creative project, or activity to help foster confidence and relationship building; and create a close knit group of young individuals.

Currently on Pause


FruiTEA is an adult LGBTQIA2S+ support group oriented around giving individuals the opportunity to create bonds and have a sense of community. This afternoon group often focuses on undirected free time opposed to pieces being programmed in for each session. although there may be special occasions where activities are optionally laid out.

Currently on Hold


About Blair...

Hobbies: Blair enjoys spending time with his Fruit family, as well as doing art. 

Favorite Colour: Rainbow!

Ambitions: To create a safe place for LGBTQIA2S+ youth, and in his own way change the world for people in the community.

Favorite Animal: Panda


Blair is an artist, student, photographer, and head to our queer support groups here at Our Saviour'Lutheran Church. During 2021 Blair worked on and completed our queer mural and he hopes to be a helping hand to the LGBTQ+ community here in Prince George.

What Participants Say

" I came into fruit combo summer 2021 after hearing from word of mouth looking for community when i need it the most. What I found was a non judgemental and friendly environment, as well as lifelong friends, laughter, and some of my best memories in 2021. I look forward to making more memories, and having more meaningful moments in 2022! "

Our Story So Far



The Our Saviours rainbow heart is a testament of our support and ally ship with the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

The Pride Mural

In summer 2021, we set out on a mission. One of visibility and inclusion for those who identify as LGBTQIA2S+ in our church. Over the creation of the mural we have been blessed to work with different local artists and queer youth to create a beacon of hope and inclusion right here in Prince George. It is as important as ever for LGBTQIA2SIA+ individuals to have a safe space and to know that they are seen, loved, and valid- which was our aim in this project. A sense of care and belonging, belongs not to one, but to all.

Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 2.49.20 PM.png

Bill C-6

Click the button below to learn about bill C-6 and our response.

Transgender Naming Rite

Click the button below to read more into the Transgender Naming Rite here at Our Saviours Lutheran Church

Pride Parade Prince George

Pride Parade

Our Saviour's marched in the Prince George pride parade in 2019. Click to learn more.

Scripture and the LGBTQIA Community

Click the button below to see our bible studies.

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