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Traditional Worship

Do you find comfort in familiarity? Do you long to sit in the depth of Christian tradition dating back over 2000 years? In this service we draw on the Liturgy as it has developed over centuries.

Ancient practices such as reciting the Apostles Creed, saying the Lords Prayer and reading Scripture together. Sharing bread and wine/juice in the Lord's Supper. Music across different times which reflect the joys and struggles of our current situation and those who have gone before us. All of this invites us into the presence of God who is still moving us through the Spirit now and forevermore.

Worship This Week

Join us either online or in person as we continue meeting together weekly to explore what God is doing in the world today and our part in it all. 

Explore Worship

Do you ever wonder what it’d be like to explore ideas of Spirituality within Christianity and beyond? A place to dip your toes into the eternity that swirls around us? Welcome to Explore Worship, an LGBTQ2SIA+ affirming space that focuses on being vulnerable and open to the Spirit's movement in our lives and the world. 


There are opportunities to share stories and thoughts with each other. You’ll get a chance to engage with paint, fabric, wood and more. Sometimes we go out in the community and share with others. We’re always listening and reflecting on where we’ve been and where God is calling us.

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