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Vacation Bible School is one of the many great opportunities we offer here at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. VBS allows kids from grade 1 to 7 to enjoy the best out of their summer vacation by participating in fun and interactive activities, all while sharing the goodness of faith and learning the teachings God. Kids are encourage to be creative, have fun, ask questions and share ideas throughout this short summer time. 

Despite of Covid-19 and the social distancing measures in placed, we’re still blessed to be able to share the excitement of VBS with the children through Zoom meetings this year. The kids got to meet George the Puppet and witnessed his creative clubhouses each day throughout the week. They were also encouraged to be creative in building each pieces of their own clubhouses everyday and they were taught of clubhouse activities’ connection to bible lessons. It was a great opportunity for kids to be introduced to what it means to be part of community and be engage virtually with other kids.

How To Join 

Join by clicking the button below. Next intake is summer 2021, all kids from grade 1 - 7 are welcome! 

Ellie - VBS.jpg

Judy Whaley

(Ellie's Grandmother)

Vacation Bible School was a great experience for our granddaughter.  In spite of the fact that she did not know anyone before she began, I felt that even after a few days, she began to really connect with what was happening and looked forward to the next day's events.  She especially liked singing the song, watching the story video lessons and working on her clubhouse with her grandfather.  The physical break activities were great too.  All in all, I think it was a great experience for her and and I am thankful that the folks at Our Saviours offered online VBS for this year.  Living on Haida Gwaii, it was a great way for our granddaughter to connect up with other children in the faith. Thank you to all who spent time organizing this most successful VBS for 2020. 

Johanna Koornneef.jpg

Johanna Koornneef

(Family Ministry Coordinator)

Every time we sit down and start planning VBS we get excited.  What should the theme be? What can we teach the kids that is new this year? How will we decorate? What fun creations with the kitchen team make for snacks? This year was no different. We started planning a Rocky Railroad VBS and things got sidetracked (but next year!!!) and we had to switch tracks. Clubhouse VBS was different, but we had a lot of fun! While we couldn’t run around the church and play games or sing loud songs together like we normally do we still got the chance to run around our houses and sing a new song.  We still learned new bible stories and got to ask and answer some hard questions about how we should live life. And we got to make our own clubhouses! I loved getting a chance to see what each kid made on their own each day. But most of all I loved getting a chance to see some familiar faces.  Summer wouldn’t have been the same without VBS!