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Ash Wednesday @ Grace Anglican 7 pm

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Whenever I go traveling there are so many things to get ready. Lists of things to pack are made, supplies bought and flights confirmed. And invariably as you go out the door you can’t help but think that you’ve forgotten something. You just never feel as prepared as you would like to be. This Ash […]

In the Newspaper

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Over the years it’s interesting to see members of the congregation, relief efforts on behalf of the church and ways we are involved in the community pop up in the newspaper. Here’s are the articles that have been collected over the years. Some are a real blast from the past.

Confirmation Retreat

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Break on the hike

As part of confirmation this year we started out with a retreat to Ness Lake. Kathy and Jody Schroeder were generous enough to let us use their cabin and Kathy took care of the cooking (thank you Kathy!). Day 1 We got out there on a Friday night, had some perogies and sausage, did the […]

Recap of VBS 2013

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vbs 014

First all we want to thank everyone who volunteered, taught, donated, decorated and everything in between. It takes a lot of time and effort to put on a vacation bible school and it’s so great to see people who care about the kids and want to make it as memorable as possible. One of my […]

Splat on the Sidewalk

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  Nature is survival of the fittest. As the baby bird is pushed out of the nest for the first time the question is will it fly? Will it survive? Sometimes life feels the same way. When we’re pushed out of the proverbial nest the ground can come at us quicker than we can respond […]

Joint Assembly 2013 – Anglicans and Lutherans

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During July 3-7 there will be a Joint Assembly of Anglican and ELCIC Lutheran delegates in Ottawa. This is the first time that these churches have held a joint national assembly so this is an exciting time. If you are interested in following the assembly please visit the homepage at Joint Assembly 2013. There you […]

Entertaining Angels

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abraham and the three angels

Here’s an article recently published in the Canada Lutheran about God sending people to Our Saviours Lutheran to stir us up. You never know who will walk through your front door.

Sunday School Well for Uganda

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Sunday School with Dr. Opio

For the past many months our Sunday School has been raising money to build a well in Northern Uganda through NUDF. This is a local organization founded by Dr. Opio who works up at UNBC. The Sunday School teachers felt this was a great way to introduce the kids to a project over seas that […]

A Part of God’s Story

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Audio Version  As a child I loved the story about Elijah. There’s something enchanting, almost magical about his journey into the unknown. I would get caught up in the story, imagining myself out in the middle of nowhere, on an adventure. It was exciting and out of the ordinary. After all in the first part of the story […]

Atheism: Part of Our Spiritual Landscape

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One of the dangers as Christians is that whenever a competing view or a perceived threat to our system of beliefs comes along we immediately demonize it and distance ourselves. This is especially easy when those others, whoever they are, act in destructive ways. Think about fundamentalist Muslims painting all Muslims as terrorist or evangelical […]