At the beginning and end of each confirmation year we do a retreat as a group. In May we decided to go to Purden Lake. The forecast called for thunder showers so we packed lots of tarps, our camping gear and hit the road. In between setting up the tents, trying to put up tarps and make dinner we managed to find time to make our own worship space for the weekend. Each of the confirmands were asked to draw or write what a worship space looks like, what are the central parts and then decide together what they needed for their own worship space. It was pretty amazing what they created.

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 The next day we woke up to the sun. We spent the morning reflecting on who we are and the parts of our lives where God is changing us. We wrote things about ourselves that we would like to throw away on a rock and then took a hike to the lake and threw them in. In the afternoon we relaxed, did some work on our faith statements, had dinner and then packed up and headed home. Overall it was a good retreat.

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