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Prayer Requests Wanted

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One of the great gifts we have as a church is prayer. We can talk to God at any time, share how we are feeling, give thanks for the things we notice around us and ask for the things that we need like healing or comfort. With that in mind we’ve set up a prayer […]

Spiritual Care Committee

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Over the past 2 years several people interested in visitation and caring for the sick and homebound have been meeting as the Spiritual Care Committee. The committees main goal is to help connect those who want to do relationship based visitation with those who are in need of this care. We meet once every 2-3 […]

Worship Volunteer Sign Up

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Over the next few weeks we’re inviting people to sign up for various worship volunteer positions for the next year. Most of what we do as a congregation relies on volunteers but more than that these positions are part of building up the body of Christ. In other words, each small action contributes to a […]

Life that is Truly Life – Volunteering

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  Over the next four weeks we’ll be reflecting on the overall theme of 1 Timothy 6:19 – So that they can take hold of the life that is truly life. What does it mean to have a life that is truly life? A lot of people ask this question. We’ll explore¬†this through the themes […]

Tween Group Starts September 19th

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This year we’re starting our tween group on September 19th. We’ll be meeting on Mondays @ 3:30 pm at the church and going until 5 pm. It’s for ages 8 and up. We spend time playing games, eating, talking about what we believe and also sharing the good and bad parts of life with each […]

Spring Work Bee

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Pulizie di primavera

Our annual work bee will be this Saturday May 7th from 10 am – 3 pm. We will be doing some general cleaning in the church, around the church grounds and also in the community garden. There will be a lunch between 12 pm and 1 pm. Stop by for an hour or two with […]

Syrian Family Arriving Thursday!

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After choosing a family on January 13th we’ve been informed that this family will arrive in Prince George on February 4th. It only took a little over 3 weeks. Wow! The family is mom and dad in their mid 30’s and 4 children ages 5 – 11.¬†They will be travelling from Beirut, ending up in […]

Sponsorship Goal Reached!

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Goal Achieved

When we first started our campaign to raise $25,000 to sponsor Syrian refugee family we set a target date of December 31st 2015. Well we are pleased to announce that we have met and even exceeded our goal. To date we have raised $25,522 which does not include pledges made for 2016. With pledges we […]

Syrian Refugee Family Volunteering

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Good for you. You’ve made it this far. If you are interested in volunteering please click on the form below and fill it out. Look forward to working with you. Volunteer Form