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Confirmands Faith Statements

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Each year for confirmation the students are asked to write a faith statement. They choose a bible verse that speaks to them, talk about what it means and answer questions like “Have you ever doubted that God exists?” or “What does the word faith mean to you?” This year we had Brenna, Ashley, Brendan and […]

Flight 9525

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It’s difficult to imagine how one persons decision can both end the lives of 149 people and change the lives of so many others but on March 24th 2015 it did. Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of such a tragedy is the sense of meaninglessness. What did these people die for? What was […]

The Carnival of Christmas

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After reading a portion of Esther this Sunday I was reminded of Mikhail Bakhtin’s carnivalesque. The book of Esther is born out of the Jewish carnival Purim. Bakhtin talks about the carnival as a time when things that aren’t ordinarily expressed can come out, a time when the high and low things of life come […]

Terror Creates Terrorists

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Over the past week Canadians have struggled to come to grips with the killing of two soldiers. Was this an act of terror connected to groups like ISIS? Were these “Lone Wolves,” acting more out of anger towards the system and personal pain than political ideology? Whatever the base motives terror is always the attempt […]

God Bless America

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What does it mean to be blessed? Often we talk about being blessed when things are going well, when we’ve experienced some joy in our life like a new baby or the purchase of a new home. Joseph’s experience of blessing was nothing like ours here in Canada. It came out of being sold into […]


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The feeding of the 5000 is often taken as a miracle of Jesus multiplying the loaves and fish out of thin air and indeed that could very well be the case. Nothing is impossible for God. Another way to see this event is that Jesus brings together all the small and seemingly insignificant pieces that […]

High Wire Walking

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Philippe Petit pushes it to the limit as a high wire walker. One of his greatest feats was in 1974 when he crossed from one of the World Trade Centres to the other. Stepping out onto a thin wire is no easy feat. He’s no doubt a man of faith. So what kind of faith […]

“Come and see Candy Mountain Charlie.”

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Humour changes over time and some of it works for some people and not for others. However good humour always has an edge to it or what we might call a social commentary. It’s not only funny but it says something about who we are as humans and our society. Below you will find a […]

Going Deep

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  There is something about the ocean that has always fascinated me. The unexplored world just below us and the unknown places that sit below the surface. We often sit floating on the top of the ocean barely scratching the surface as the saying goes. Jesus is calling us deeper. The problem is we resist […]


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  One of the things we do instinctively is countdown. We countdown the days till our next vacation, how many years are left till retirement, when lunch will start, when our 15 minute break will end. We move from one countdown to another and all along trying to fit in all the things we need […]