After choosing a family on January 13th we’ve been informed that this family will arrive in Prince George on February 4th. It only took a little over 3 weeks. Wow! The family is mom and dad in their mid 30’s and 4 children ages 5 – 11. They will be travelling from Beirut, ending up in Montreal for a few days and then over to Vancouver and up to Prince George. It’s a long journey.

We invite people to come and welcome them at the airport on Thursday February 4th at 8:55 pm. That’s when the flight gets in. Please be aware that they will be tired after a long journey. That being said those who have gone to the airport to welcome the two other Syrian families have said it was a very respectful and loving experience. That ‘s so great to hear.

We look forward to seeing you there and for everyone’s continued support for this family and the other groups in our community. God bless.