When we first started our campaign to raise $25,000 to sponsor Syrian refugee family we set a target date of December 31st 2015. Well we are pleased to announce that we have met and even exceeded our goal. To date we have raised $25,522 which does not include pledges made for 2016. With pledges we are looking at close to $30,000. If you missed a chance to donate you will find the information below.

We want to thank everyone who has given so generously to our efforts and to any other groups that are doing the same thing. Of course this is only part of the journey. We look forward to working with anyone who wants to continue being involved as we welcome a family in the new year.

In the next week we are hoping to receive a list of families. We will choose a family from the list and then start getting ready for their arrival. This could happen within a few days or a few months. In the mean time we have several homes available in case the family arrives quickly. We will continue to keep you updated about our progress. Thank you for your prayers and support. Gods blessing in the New Year wherever it takes you.

There are two options for donations. You can donate online via credit card or send a cheque. Online donations get a 3.5% surcharge just so you know. Also remember that monetary donations are just a means to getting a family here. Once they are here we hope that you will be involved in welcoming them and helping become a part of our community. Make sure to give us some contact info so we can keep you updated.

Raised $25,522 towards the $25,000 target.

Click below to make an online donation

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

Make cheques out to Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church and send them to:

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church
3590 Dufferin Ave
Prince George BC, V2N 1E9

Phone: 250 564 4336
Email: oslcospika@gmail.com

All donations will receive either an immediate tax receipt for online donations or a year end tax receipt for donations made through cheques.God bless.