After many questions about the financial, medical, emotional and volunteer time needed to sponsor a Syrian family our congregation voted on Sunday to go ahead. What an exciting moment! So far we have 4 people who put their names forward for the steering committee which will organize the whole process. We’ve begun reaching out to the local community of Prince George both inside and outside the church in an attempt to involve as many people in the process as possible. We are looking for people to be in the steering committee because there will be a lot of planning and organizing needed especially managing volunteers to help care for and integrate the family into our society.

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One of the greatest challenges for any refugee/immigrant family is adapting to a totally new culture. It is a really lonely experience. That’s why we need people to spend time with the family and guide them through this process. Talking to people in the congregation who have done this before has revealed that this can be an extremely rewarding and eye opening experience. It’s a chance to be with people who are different than ourselves, to learn about other cultures and see the world in a new way. Most of all it’s a chance to express God’s love for this family.

Below is a budget that outlines the real cost of sponsoring various sized families. The size of the family we sponsor will depend on the money we raise. There is also a information package that refugee families are given and is an excellent read for those doing the sponsoring. If you are interested in helping out, either on the steering committee, volunteering time for a specific part or donating money please contact the church through one of the avenues available in the contact area of the website. An exciting journey awaits!

Refugee Sponsorship Budget

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