On Sunday September 27th the congregation gathered after worship to discuss the thousands upon thousands of people that are fleeing Syria at this very moment. This was prompted by a combination of the media coverage and the ELCIC’s (our wider church organization) call to sponsor 500 refugees in honour of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. We read various bible texts relating to caring for the alien/refugee/stranger and reflected on how that is applicable now. We talked about fears and the excitement of sponsoring refugees. We also talked about partnerships with other organizations specifically a local Prince George group. Their Facebook page is PG Citizens for Syrian Refugees if you want to check it out. We will be attending their meeting on Tuesday September 29th at 6:30 pm over at AimHi.

In the end there was a clear sense that this was something people wanted to do. Church council will now investigate the process and present this to the congregation in the coming weeks. Here are the notes with bible passages from the meeting to look at and the video that was shown about the crises.

Syrian Refugee Discussion