On June 7th from 7-9pm Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church is hosting an event that addresses our ongoing attempt as Christians to reconcile what we believe is true in scripture with what we experience through science. Is evolution a part of God’s plan for creation? Is the bible a type of science book? What does faith say to science and vice versa? These and many other questions will be addressed in the three presentations. There will also be time for questions and discussion between each presentation and at the end of the evening. The event is free and refreshments will be served. Come join us for an evening of stimulating discussion.



Steve Wilkinson – Creation vs. Evolution: 4 Views 

Steve loves getting people excited about Christian apologetics (case-making); seeing the beauty and rationality of Christianity and the Christian worldview. He is a husband, father, and long-time tech geek. Steve is director/educator at TilledSoil.org and a Website designer at cgWerks. He holds a MA in Theological Studies (Interdisciplinary – Christianity, Church & Culture) from Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Steve has long held an interest in science, beginning his schooling and career in the field of electronic engineering. He has authored a number of articles on the intersection of Christianity (faith) and science, including creation, evolution, and intelligent design. Steve resides in Prince George, BC and can be contacted via TilledSoil’s website at: http://www.TilledSoil.org where a number of articles on the creation & evolution can be found. He is available to churches and schools for general Christian apologetics training, or more in-depth training on specific related topics.



John MacDonell – Evolution Revolution

John is a “soft” atheist and very interested in all things scientific and theological. He grew up Anglican in Vancouver – for many years choir boy, crucifer, helped at altar. BSc. in Biochemistry many years ago at UBC. Took and passed with high marks a “History of Christianity” course at UNBC and an evolution course online. Most of his knowledge today is homespun – quite widely read from a broad range of authors and materials. Married 16 years, living in PG about 40 years. Began to lose his faith when it became very apparent that a literal take of Genesis stories is not compatible with scientific evidence. Treating the stories metaphorically produced a new set of problems for him. He was forced into soft atheist stance, which is “waiting until someone can convince me otherwise”. He believes everyone is entitled to respect, and to their own beliefs, and to express those beliefs to as many people as they wish. He also believes that all beliefs are subject to examination – none are immune from scrutiny (including what he says here). John will present several examples of evolution, hopefully clearly and succinctly, with a short mention at the end of how he would like the future conversation between religion and science to be.



Art Betke – Limits to Evolution

Art spent his life working in the BC forests, first in government and then for industry.  About 20 years ago he was fortunate to attend 3 lectures here in PG by Hugh Ross (www.reasons.org) and speak with him, an event which opened his eyes to the massive amount of scientific information and apologetic materials that support and confirm the Christian faith and also expose the weakness in the atheist faith of scientific naturalism.  For about 10 years Art was somewhat active in on-line apologetics but has backed away from it since, although he likes to keep up with new developments.