APTOPIX Germany France Plane CrashIt’s difficult to imagine how one persons decision can both end the lives of 149 people and change the lives of so many others but on March 24th 2015 it did. Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of such a tragedy is the sense of meaninglessness. What did these people die for? What was the point? While these questions tend to be necessary parts of grieving they are often fruitless. Answers are hard to come by especially for those who are grieving the death of people they love.

Perhaps a larger question that comes out of this is what makes any death meaningful? Is it a life well lived or a life that ended in saving someone? All of this gives temporary meaning to a persons death but ultimately it’s only life in Jesus that gives lasting meaning beyond death. Death only means something if it becomes life because death in itself is meaningless. Below you will find Sunday’s reflection on this very topic.

Flight 9525 – Palm Sunday (March 29, 2015)