Two weeks ago several pastors from Prince George got together for an experiment. It’s an experiment that’s been tried in many other North American cities and so why not try it here. The experiment is called Ashes to Go and happens on Ash Wednesday. The premise is to offer a holy moment in the middle of everyday life. Often the identifiable holy moments are found in worship and not on the street corner. However with Ashes to Go people who were taking lunch breaks, banking and going about their business were offered a space on the corner of Victoria and 3rd to stop, have ashes put on their foreheads and pray. While the three pastors involved were very apprehensive about the whole thing the response was overwhelmingly positive. People received the imposition of the ashes and prayer as the sun shone down, some stopped to ask what this was all about and others watched from a distance. It was indeed a holy moment in the midst of everyday life.