A Time for Listening and Caring by Puchalski (dragged) 1One of the challenges we face as Christians in a very busy world is taking the time to stop and listen to the people around us. This is especially true for those working in the medical system, where demands on time seem endless (along with many other occupations). I don’t have enough time. I have something more important to do. We are all stretched thin. However all of these reasons can distance us from the people who most need our time. Time is a valuable resource and we have a finite amount of it. Yet each moment we have is a gift from God and so rather than holding onto it perhaps we can learn to give it away freely.

In her her book “A Time for Listening and Caring,” Christina Puchalski, along with several others, writes about what it means to care for those whose time is limited, that is the sick and dying. Below is the introduction to the book so you can get a taste of it. This is an excellent resource for people in the health care profession as well as anyone who is involved with the care of the sick and dying.

A Time for Listening and Caring Intro