After getting the beds built and the soil delivered the next step was to fill the beds and start planting. Sequoia had dropped some material off at the College of New Caledonia (CNC) and some of the international students saw the material. They contacted us and wanted to do some volunteer work with seniors and gardening. After meeting with them we decided to set up a Saturday for the group of international students to come by, have a conversation about caring for the earth and those who are growing old, work in the garden and eat together.

One of the amazing things that came out of this was that Marcelle, one of the local community members who lives right by the garden had the opportunity to plant the first plant in our garden. It was a special moment for him as he planted a choke cherry tree and remembered his childhood of eating choke cherries. Once again it’s amazing to see God’s Spirit pushing us outside of ourselves and experiencing the life that God wants for each one of us.

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