So on June 7th a group of people from the church and local community got together to build some beds for the new garden. We want to thank Timberspan and Dollar Saver Lumber for their donations of lumber for the project. We ended up with 8 beds in all with each bed being 5′ by 10′ by 20 inches high. We put a small bench on one side for people to sit and garden on. Our hope is to have the soil in by next week.

Next Saturday June 14th we will have a group of international students from the College of New Caledonia and a group of seniors that the students are working with out to explore how this garden area can be a part of healthy living. If you are looking for an eco friendly group to be a part of send over an email or even come on down Saturday June 14 @ 10 am. There is lots of room for creativity in terms of building a beautiful space for people to enjoy. This garden is just getting started.

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