According to Statistics Canada seniors accounted for a record high of 14.8% of the population in Canada in 2011, up from 13.7% five years earlier. In future years we’ll see a continued increase as baby boomers reach 65 and older. We’re an aging population percentage wise. In the church we already recognize this demographic reality because a disproportionate number of our members are over the age of 65 compared to other age groups. In the past there was a high regard for the elderly. They were seen as wise and having experience to offer the younger generation. However this is no longer the case, at least here in Canada. Seniors are often considered a burden on the medical system and families, lacking the ability to contribute economically and having little to offer society.

As a church we find ourselves in a unique position. Each member of the body of Christ is indispensable, especially those that seem weak and dispensable. Therefor we’re called to to take seriously the weaker members. How do we do that as Christians? The article below, taken from the Word & World journal, gives an excellent starting point for thinking about what it means to age and how we can walk with the elderly through the crises of meaning that occurs towards the end of life. Enjoy.

The Nurture of the Elderly