The confirmation class was hosted at Pastor Flemings place this week which gave us the opportunity to do something different. While we spend a lot of time hearing about our faith in the Lutheran church we don’t always engage our other senses. How do we taste, touch and smell faith? Well Communion or the Lord’s Supper is one way that God decides to come to us in these other senses. The smell of bread and it’s texture in our hands as we put it in our mouth and the taste of grapes juice, sweet on our tongue are the real presence of God here and now.

We spent the afternoon engaging our sense as we kneaded the bread, mixing flour and water. We pressed the grapes, boiling them and then straining out the liquid. After it was all done we sat down and had communion together. In that moment Jesus presence made us the church in that place. Pretty amazing when you think of it.


Pressing the grapes. Not that easy.


See how good we’re doing!


Bread making.


Final product ready for communion


Bread to bring home

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