While the church building should never be the focus of our life as Christians it plays a role for us. It’s one of the main places we gather together. This is especially true when it comes to worship. And whether we know it or not our worship space shapes us.

One of the main goals of our sanctuary renewal is to refocus on the symbols that are central to us as Lutherans. We have created a designated space for the baptismal font at the entrance of the sanctuary while the altar, a symbol of the Lord’s Supper continues to be prominent at the front. This along with the pulpit, where the sermon is preached, are the defining symbols. Practical modifications to allow for more space, storage, lighting, new carpet and painting have been considered in light of each other to provide a sense of continuity through the worship space.

The recommendation of the committee that was formed to look at this project is that the renewal take place over a two year period which you will see divided up in the documents below. We have already been given $8,000 towards the carpet which makes the cost of stage 1 around $26,000 and the cost of stage 2 around $20,000. Feel free to look at the drawings and figures below as we discern how to move forward on this renewal process and don’t hesitate to direct any questions towards Pastor Fleming or project manager Doug Woollam. For a closer look at the drawings click on them and you will be able to zoom in.

Front View


Top View

Full Cost


Stage 1


Stage 2