As part of confirmation this year we started out with a retreat to Ness Lake. Kathy and Jody Schroeder were generous enough to let us use their cabin and Kathy took care of the cooking (thank you Kathy!).

Day 1

We got out there on a Friday night, had some perogies and sausage, did the dishes (the guys were on), then got right to it. We spent some time talking about baptism and communion as well as the Trinity. We also practiced praying. Now this was a lot more challenging than you might think. Talking to God can be tough. There were times when we took a break to laugh and get out the nervous energy but in the end it helped calm us down as we brought our concerns to our creator. While we did this Kathy got the fire pit ready and once we were done we went outside to hang out by the fire.


Taking it easy after supper

Symbols of Faith



Day 2

We got up early, had breakfast and headed out for our hike at Eskers Provincial Park. We spent our time marching along and reciting the books of the New Testament. After a while it actually began to sink in. Back at the cabin we had lunch. There were spawning Kokanee in the lake and the confirmands decided they wanted to catch one. After many attempts they actually did. Persistence paid off. In the afternoon we watched the Blind Side and talked about what it meant to step out of our comfort zone to care for others. The evening entailed pulled pork sandwiches and some card games.

Break on the hike

A break on the hike

God's cool creation


Walking in water

Here fishy, fishy

Got you

End of the retreat


Day 3

Got up early and said goodbye to the lake. Headed into town to go to church. A great retreat. Can’t wait for the next one.