In my meanderings through the internet I have encountered several resources that I find extremely helpful when it comes to exploring various issues that we face as Christians and delving into the bible. They are both from Luther Seminary, which is the place that pastors are trained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, our sister church.

The first one is called Word and World. If you have ever been a part of a professional association you will know that one way to keep up on the latest developments in your field is to read journal articles. Word and World contains 30 years of journal articles published by Luther Seminary. There’s everything from Evangelism to topics like Cities or even Forgiveness. Each issue has a topic and then 6-8 articles on that topic. The issues also have book reviews. The best part is that everything is from a Lutheran perspective which can be hard to find sometimes. So if you are looking for some challenging and engaging reading on a wide variety of topics this site is for you.

The second one is called Working Preacher. This one is geared towards people who are preaching each week but really can be used by anyone wanting to think deeply about the texts that are read in church each week. Professors from a variety of seminaries write about each text that is read, there are podcasts about the texts and lot’s of other material to discover. Great for personal or group bible study as well.