What is prayer anyway? We ask for the safety of loved ones and yet accidents happen? We pray that God would heal our mother who has cancer but she still withers away before our eyes. If prayer doesn’t do anything then why bother? God is going to do what God will do so we might as well sit back and watch. How often have these thoughts raced through the heads of Christians of every time and place. Prayer is often a mystery to us. We long to hear God’s response to our cries, to see some indication that God is listening but at times it seems like our words fall on deaf ears or even worse no ears at all.

In his article “When Prayers Go Unanswered,” Rev. Keith McCellan explores these and other questions. He asks what is our image of God and how does that play into our assumptions around prayer? He talks about the need to get angry with God and that all who struggle with prayer are in good company. As you read through the article and discover what prayer is in your life may God continue to prompt you to bring your needs, concerns and most of all an openness to God’s will in your prayer life.