View from Nordenskiöldtoppen

LC† Rivers in the Desert: Wilderness Living in Lent is the sixth in a series of seasonal devotional projects created by Lutherans Connect/Lutheran Campus Ministry Toronto to encourage people to make time in their lives for private meditation and reflection.

In there 2013 Lenten devotional, they have taken a theme of ‘water in the desert’. The devotional has two biblical themes involving water: the waters of creation that challenge how we live, sometimes leaving us in a wilderness; and the waters of creation which nourish, sustain, and enliven us in the deserts of our own lives.

Over the weeks, the devotion return in cycles to focus on particular water bodies and also forms of precipitation. Seas and deeps; rivers and wadis; springs; pools; fountains, rain and dew will be presented in biblical story and contemporary realities (in both challenging ways, and also offering us hope).

May God’s nourishing love fill you with the waters of renewal, as you contemplate your own wildernesses, this Lent. LC† Rivers in the Desert: Wilderness Living