Each year we try to find a project that expresses our joy and thanks for Christ’s coming at Christmas time. During Advent we wait expectantly and yet while we wait we are told to pay attention. This year we have decided to pay attention to the people in our local community who are lacking what many of us take for granted. By contacting Westwood Elementary and through existing relationships we have identified 10 families that would benefit from food and gifts this Christmas. If you want to be involved great! Below you will find two things. First is an outline of the duties. We need a co-ordinator for each family and then people to work with the co-ordinator to do things like baking, shopping and delivery. Below that is a link to the sign up sheet. Click on the link and then simply type your name into any slot.




Provide basic Christmas dinner – turkey, dressing, potatoes, vegetables, and cranberry sauce.


The duties can be shared between two of you.

  1. Call the family and discuss everything on the phone or arrange to drop by and meet them personally to talk about their Hamper. Discuss the points below:
    1. Inform the contact person that each family will be given a Christmas dinner as listed in the OSLW Duties above.
    2. Inform them that $30 is allotted per person for more food and/or presents. Ask them which they prefer.
    3. For food ask them if they would prefer to go shopping with you or give you a list of what they want
    4. For presents, ask them for a list of what each person wants, get the ages and names of the children, names of the adults, and sizes if appropriate. Give them a few days to think about what they want and then pick up the list.
    5. Ask about allergies or special diets for baking/dessert
    6. Arrange a time to deliver the Hamper on Saturday, December 22nd
    7. After you have contacted the family organize a meeting with your group to divide up the jobs as listed in the group duties below
    8. Collect the money from your group and distribute amounts needed to the shoppers.


  1. Responsible for Christmas dinner baking/dessert. May also add extra baking if you wish.
  2. Shopping for presents and/or food
    1. For food assign someone to go shopping with them or use the list given
    2. For presents assign people in your group to go shopping
    3. Wrapping any presents.
    4. Have your part of the Hamper at the church ready to be delivered by the morning of Saturday, December 22nd.
    5. Deliver your full Hamper (including the food from the OSLW group) on Saturday, December 22nd

Christmas Hamper Sign Up Sheet