What does it mean to live in community? For many of us the primary place we live in community is at home with our families. We eat, sleep and breath together. We get in each others space, in good ways and annoying ones, and we learn to live with the quirks of each person.
While we don’t spend as much time together the church is also a community, brought together not by familial connection, though sometimes, but as children of God. We’re baptized and become a part of this quirky group of people that we’re connected to through Jesus. We may not always agree or get along but at it’s core our relationship to each other is about so much more than that.
The other day I was listening to Tapestry on CBC and heard this great piece about L’Arche Daybreak in Richmond Hill Ontario. This community of people with intellectual disabilities knows what it means to live together and the joys and struggles that are involved. Take a listen.

Community Living at L’Arche Daybreak