This years vacation bible school saw a total of 33 kids come out along with over 10 leaders guiding the children every step of the way. With hot weather we had plenty of time to run around outside and even get wet on a few of the hottest days. Days began with parents dropping of their kids and everyone meeting in the worship space for singing, the days bible story and offering. We decided to raise money to plant two apple trees which the kids were very excited about.

VBS Director Carla Moffat ready to sign the kids in

Our two leaders Sarah and Sherry getting name tags

Lisette, Martin and Oscar on the first day

Once everyone was gathered in the worship space songs were led by Tina and the story by Jan.

Tina leading the singing

Jan leading story time

Kids listening away (well most of them :)

During the rest of our time we broke into pre school, lower elementary and upper elementary. Each group explored what it means that God’s love is planted in each of us and how that is lived out as we take care of the environment. There was lots of dirt, digging, seeds and crafts.

Mrs. H leading the lower elementary students

Mrs. McKenzie showing the upper elementary kids how to make their seed pods

At the end of the week we had raised enough money to go out and buy two apple trees. Alex and Jon dug the holes and all the other kids helped fill them in with dirt.

Getting the dirt in there

Who doesn't love dirt?

Keeping the tree straight

After planting our trees we had our final sending in the worship space and then it was time to pack everything up. It’s always sad when VBS comes to an end especially after a great week of hanging out and exploring how God is calling us to care for the world. Hope to see everyone next year!